Harley Quinn In Other Media

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Adaptations of Harley Quinn in other media
Created byPaul Dini
Bruce Timm
Original sourceComics published by DC Comics
First appearanceBatman: The Animated Series: Joker's Favor (September 1992)
first comic: The Batman Adventures #12 (September 1993)
Batman: Harley Quinn #1 (October 1999)
Films and television
Film(s)Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000)
Justice League: The New Frontier (2008)
Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (2010)
Lego Batman: The Movie – DC Super Heroes Unite (2013)
Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (2013)
Batman: Assault on Arkham (2014)
Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Gotham City Breakout (2016)
Suicide Squad (2016)
The Lego Batman Movie (2017)
Batman and Harley Quinn (2017)
Batman vs. Two-Face (2017)
DC Super Heroes vs. Eagle Talon (2017)
Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2018)
Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay (2018)
Batman Ninja (2018)
Teen Titans Go! To the Movies (2018)
The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (2019)
Justice League vs. the Fatal Five (2019)
Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2019)
Batman: Hush (2019)
Birds of Prey (2020)
The Suicide Squad (2021)
Batman: The Animated Series (1992)
Superman: The Animated Series (1996)
The New Batman Adventures (1997)
Static Shock (2000)
Justice League (2001)
Birds of Prey (2002)
The Batman (2004)
Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2008)
Arrow (2012)
Teen Titans Go! (2013)
Justice League Action (2016)
Harley Quinn (2019)

Originally created in September 1992, the fictional comic book character Harley Quinn (full name: Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel) has been adapted into various other forms of media. The character has appeared in both live action and animated television series, films and video games. The character was originally voiced by Arleen Sorkin in the DC animated universe. Since then, she has also been voiced by Hynden Walch and Tara Strong in either DC Animated Showcases or in various video games. In the Birds of Prey television series, she was portrayed by Mia Sara and by Margot Robbie in the film Suicide Squad.


Live action

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in a publicity still for Suicide Squad (2016)
  • Australian actress Margot Robbie portrays Harleen Quinzel / Harley Quinn in the DC Extended Universe, debuting in the 2016 film Suicide Squad.[2] Flashbacks reveal that Harleen Quinzel fell in love with the Joker while serving as his psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum. After she freed him, the Joker proceeded to electrocute her and convince her to fall into the chemical bath that created him, thus bleaching her skin and transforming her into his lover Harley Quinn. Harley assists the Joker in killing Batman's partner, Robin, before being imprisoned and blackmailed into joining Amanda Waller's government task force composed of captured supervillains.[3] At the end of the film, the Joker breaks into Belle Reve Prison to free Harley, and they are reunited. Paul Dini, the creator of Harley Quinn, said that Robbie "nailed" the character.[4]
  • The Batman: Arkham version of Harley makes a cameo appearance in the 2018 film Ready Player One. This version of Quinn appears in The Distracted Globe nightclub sequence.[5]
  • Warner Bros. is currently working on a film focused on the DC Comics all-female superhero team Birds of Prey and Robbie is set to reprise her role, as well as produce this film. The movie is set to be released in February 2020.
  • Robbie will reprise her role in the 2021 sequel to 2016's Suicide Squad.


  • Harley Quinn appears in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, based on Batman Beyond series and set in DCAU, again voiced by Arleen Sorkin. In the movie, she is first seen in flashback scene that shows the Joker and Harley kidnapping and transforming Robin (T Drake) into a childlike Joker. Batman and Batgirl go to confront them in abandoned Arkham facility; Batgirl faces her but Harley accidentally falls into the abyss to her supposed death. In the ending, it is revealed that she survived the events from the flashback, now an old woman and has a twin granddaughters named "Delia" and "Deidre Dennis", also known as the "Dee Dees", who are part of the Jokerz gang. She is shown to be a nag and obviously does not approve of her granddaughters' criminal acts as Harley retired from crime career and, possibly, regretted for having the relationship with Joker.
Harley Quinn as she appears in Batman: Assault on Arkham
  • Harley Quinn is featured in Batman: Assault on Arkham, voiced by Hynden Walch. In this version, she is forced by Amanda Waller into joining the Suicide Squad and must venture to Arkham Asylum on a mission to retrieve the Riddler for Waller. Having once worked at the Asylum and knowing its layout and schedules, she is considered vital for the task. Harley seems to be interested in Deadshot, but ultimately rejoins the Joker and reveals having intended all along to use the mission in order to invade Arkham and break him out. During their escape, Harley battles the Batman as the Joker faces Deadshot. Both are defeated, but their fates are not revealed. As the film takes place after Batman: Arkham Origins and before Batman: Arkham Asylum, it is assumed that Harley was recaptured, while the Joker escaped.
  • Harley Quinn appears in Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Gotham City Breakout, with Tara Strong reprising her role. She appears at the beginning of the film attempting to rob a jewelry store, only to be defeated by the Dynamic Duo. Later, she is among the villains unintentionally released from Arkham by Superman. At the end of the film, she and the Joker are defeated and put back in Arkham Asylum by the Justice League.
  • Dr. Harleen Quinzel appears in the animated film Batman vs. Two-Face, voiced by Sirena Irwin. She is the assistant to Hugo Strange, who reciprocates the Joker's flirting. In a Blu-ray exclusive bonus scene, Quinzel, dressed as Harley Quinn, busts the Joker out of prison.
  • Harley Quinn appears in DC Super Heroes vs. Eagle Talon, voiced by Kang Ji-young.[9]
  • Harley Quinn appears in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, voiced by Margot Rubin. It was previously announced that Australian actress Margot Robbie, who portrayed the character in the 2016 film, Suicide Squad, would reprise the role.
  • Harley Quinn appears in Justice League vs. the Fatal Five. She is locked in Arkham Asylum and escapes briefly, along with Poison Ivy. The two of them battle Batman and the guards until they are subdued. Both were voiced by an uncredited Tara Strong.
  • Harley Quinn appears in Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with Tara Strong reprising her role. Harley is one of several criminals freed from Arkham Asylum who are then mutated by the Joker, turning her into an anthropomorphic hyena. She fights Batman, Robin and the Turtles in order to support the Joker's goals, but is eventually recaptured and demutated.
  • Harley Quinn appears in Batman: Hush, with Hynden Walch reprising her role.


Live action

Mia Sara portraying Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey
  • In 2002, a short-lived live-action television series called Birds of Prey, included Harley Quinn as a psychologist and the main antagonist, portrayed by actress Mia Sara (replacing Sherilyn Fenn from an unaired pilot episode). In this show, Harleen Quinzel uses her day job as a psychologist to achieve her hidden purpose: to take control of the city of New Gotham. She does not wear a costume, although she does wear an outfit that is reminiscent of her cartoon costume in the series finale "Devil's Eyes". In that episode, she uses experimental technology to transfer metahuman mind control powers to herself. She occasionally makes reference to her "sweet Mr. J.", laments his loss as a Gotham City crime boss and hints at a past relationship reminiscent to that of the animated series. A criminal known as the Crawler addresses her as "the Joker's girlfriend" in the seventh episode "Split".
  • Harley Quinn makes a cameo appearance in the Arrow season two episode "Suicide Squad", voiced again by Tara Strong, while physically portrayed by Cassidy Alexa (credited as "Deranged Squad Female").[12][13] The series star Stephen Amell revealed in an interview that she was originally set to appear in the season two finale episode "Unthinkable", but was cut due to time.[14] The show's producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed that there were plans for the character to appear, but series actress Willa Holland stated that they had been axed due to the Suicide Squad film.[15][16]
Francesca Root-Dodson portraying Ecco in Gotham
  • A variation of Harley Quinn named Ecco appears in the fourth and fifth seasons of Gotham, portrayed by Francesca Root-Dodson. This version is an amalgamation of Harley Quinn, Alicia Hunt and Echo. She shares many characteristics with Harley Quinn, wearing a similar black and red costume, using her catchphrase "Puddin", and being completely devoted and infatuated with Jeremiah Valeska when he operated as Xander Wilde. She was first seen returning to her apartment after her grocery shopping when she finds Jerome Valeska inside wanting to see his brother. Ecco had Jerome get into the cage for his transportation. She later took James Gordon and Harvey Bullock to meet Jeremiah. After Jeremiah's transformation into a criminal and terrorist, Ecco continues acting as Jeremiah's right-hand woman and begins donning a jester costume, earning her the nickname "Mummer." She traps Jim Gordon inside the bunker with the bombs and later kills two guards for Jeremiah at Wayne Enterprises and the two of them use their keycards to break inside. After Gotham becomes No Man's Land, Ecco continues to work as Jeremiah's accomplice and henchwoman, breaking into GCPD and vandalizing their map with Jeremiah's symbol. In addition, she helps Jeremiah to establish the Church of Jeremiah Valeska as a way to gain followers where she had a brief fight with Selina Kyle. Ecco later assisted Mad Hatter in using Ace Chemicals for Jeremiah's plot that involves chemical-filled rockets. 10 years later, Ecco poses as a nurse at Arkham Asylum that tends to Jeremiah who pretends to be brain dead. When Gordon is onto Jeremiah orchestrating the frame-up of Harvey Bullock, Ecco kills the two inmates bothering Jeremiah and tells him that the jig is up. Both of them head to the Sirens where they ambush Barbara Kean. Ecco is stabbed by Barbara and put out of her misery by Jeremiah who states that "there are other fish in the sea."
  • Aspects of her character are also merged into Barbara Kean, portrayed by Erin Richards.[17]


  • The character makes an appearance on the Kids' WB series The Batman, voiced by Hynden Walch. In this version, she and Joker do not seem to have an abusive relationship. Also, this version is a television pop-psychiatrist.
  • Harley Quinn appears on the 2019 animated series DC Super Hero Girls with Tara Strong reprising her role.
  • In 2017, it was first reported that Warner Bros. Animation has ordered 26 half-hour episodes of an adult-oriented Harley Quinn animated series for their new streaming service, DC Universe.[18] The series will follow Harley as she "attempts to make it on her own as the criminal Queenpin of Gotham City",[18] and step out of the Joker's shadow. Quinn will be joined by Poison Ivy in the series, as well as several characters from her New 52 comic like Sy Borgman, Bernie and Big Tony.[19][20] In June 2018, the series' release was confirmed for 2019.[21] On October 3, 2018, it was announced that Kaley Cuoco will provide the voice for Harley and a short teaser trailer was released.[22]

Web series

  • Harley Quinn had a co-starring role in the Gotham Girls webtoon voiced by Arleen Sorkin, in which she joins forces with Poison Ivy and Catwoman.
  • Harley Quinn appears in the Batman Black and White motion comics, voiced by Janyse Jaud.
  • Harley Quinn (credited as Harlequin) appears in the first episode of the web series Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles, in which she kidnaps and mutilates an unknown number of people and makes toys and dolls out of the bodies. She fights the Batman after he frees her latest victim and ends up surrendering, only to be drained of her blood and possibly killed after the Batman reveals his fangs to her. She is voiced by Tara Strong reprising her role from the Arkham franchise.
  • Harley Quinn appears in the web series DC Super Hero Girls, in which she is a student at Super Hero High and the roommate of Wonder Woman. Unusually for the character, she is portrayed as a hero instead of a villain and has a mostly positive relationship with her superhero counterparts. She is once again voiced by Tara Strong.

Video games

DC Animated Universe games

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Harley Quinn was considered as a DLC fighter for Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, alongside Mortal Kombat's Quan Chi, but these plans were discarded following Midway's bankruptcy.[23]

DC Universe Online

appears in the DC Universe Online video game, with Arleen Sorkin returning as her voice. Harley appears in the Joker's Funhouse, where she is seen being arrested by Robin if the player uses a villain character, or holding Robin hostage if the character is a hero, in which case the player is required to defeat her. She plays a minor role in T.O. Morrow's hideout, as she has gone there with the Joker to pursue Morrow. Harley is the basic Legends PVP character granted to Villains without having to spend Marks of Legend. If a player using Harley defeats an enemy player using the Joker, the player acquires a feat called Mad Love. To date, this was the last time Arleen Sorkin voiced the character; as of 2016, Harley Quinn is now voiced by Jen Brown, starting with a DLC episode based on the Gotham City Sirens.

Lego series

  • Harley Quinn appears in Lego Batman: The Videogame, with her sound effects provided by Grey DeLisle. She appears as an enemy of Batman, a 1st deputy of the Joker, and the second boss of Chapter 3 "The Joker's Return".[24][25] Harley Quinn in Lego Batman is a playable character, can be unlocked through the villain levels and carries a pistol and her giant mallet. She can perform high jumps like most women in the game. She is one of three bosses that later appear as minibosses, the other two being Two-Face and Catwoman.
  • Harley Quinn appears in Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, voiced by Laura Bailey.[26] She first appears as the first miniboss in "Theatrical Pursuits". In "Arkham Asylum Antics", she rides with the Riddler and Two-Face on the latter's truck. She also appears as a boss at the Gotham Funland entrance.
  • Harley Quinn appears in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, with Tara Strong reprising her role. She has 2 side-quests in the Hall of Doom. The first one has the player make a custom character resembling a crash dummy, and the second one has the player search for patients for her psychiatrist stand—a possible reference to Lucy's in Peanuts. In one of Batgirl's side-quests, she abducts several people named Jack and puts them in jack-in-the-boxes as presents for the Joker, and the player has to free them, but some have the Joker's henchmen in them. In one of Nightwing's side-quests, the player has to control Nightwing to go on a circus course. Harley doesn't actually appear in either characters' side-quests and is only heard. During the credits, she pops out of a window saying that the Joker left her behind in the story because she claims that he wanted to keep her safe.
  • Harley Quinn is a playable character in Lego Dimensions, with Tara Strong reprising the role.
  • Harley Quinn serves as one of the main characters in Lego DC Super-Villains, voiced again by Tara Strong.[27] Her design is based on The New 52.

Batman: Arkham series

Harley Quinn appears in the Batman: Arkham franchise. Arleen Sorkin initially reprises her role in the first game, whereas Tara Strong assumes the role for the remainder of the series.[28][29]

Harley Quinn in a promotional image for Batman: Arkham Knight
  • In Batman: Arkham Asylum, she dons a new costume based on a nurse uniform. She takes control of Arkham, allowing the Joker to escape, releases Poison Ivy from her cell and kidnaps Warden Quincy Sharp. After the Batman rescues Sharp, he confronts her and locks her in a cell. She returns in the Scarecrow's final nightmare as one of the guards escorting the Batman away.
  • In Batman: Arkham City, she is shown wearing a biker-girl themed costume in this game, using a low-key version of her usual makeup, with heavy eye shadow in lieu of her domino mask. The Batman encounters Harley in the Sionis Steel Mill, where she was with the Joker. She later steals the cure for the Joker's illness while the Batman was fighting Mr. Freeze for it, but is bound and gagged by Talia al Ghul. The game allows the player the option to gag and ungag Harley by taping and untaping her mouth. When the Joker dies from his illness, Quinn was with the Joker's henchmen when the Batman brought his dead body out of the theater.
    • Harley also appears in "Harley Quinn's Revenge" expansion, seeking revenge on the Batman for the death of the Joker. By this time, Harley has dyed her hair completely black and wears almost all black, with a "J" necklace and mourning veil. After escaping from a temporary holding area following the destruction of Arkham City, Harley transforms the Steel Mill into a gigantic memorial of him. She is later beaten by the duo of the Batman and Robin and taken into custody by the GCPD.
    • Included as an Easter egg in the manager's office of the Steel Mill, there is a crib with Scarface painted as the Joker inside, surrounded by dozens of negative pregnancy tests accompanied by a single positive pregnancy test, which could indicate that she had a miscarriage, the positive test was false, or after several failed attempts she finally got pregnant just before the Joker died.
  • Harley Quinn appears in Batman: Arkham City Lockdown, where she kidnaps a reporter to use as a hostage to free the Joker. After luring the Batman into a trap, she tries to execute the bound and gagged reporter, but is stopped by one of the Batman's batarangs. She is once again voiced by Tara Strong.
  • Dr. Harleen Quinzel, M.D. appears briefly in Batman: Arkham Origins before her transformation into Harley Quinn. She interviews the Joker at Blackgate Prison and falls in love with him after he confesses his fascination with someone who he considers special to him (the Batman). She later appears amongst the prison's other staff members held hostage by the Joker when he takes over the facility, but she is rescued by the Batman. Quinzel is last seen escorting the Joker to his cell after he is defeated by the Batman in the game's ending.
    • In Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, it is detailed in the unlockable Detective Case titled "Doctor's Orders" that Quinzel's increasing obsession with the Joker is not going unnoticed by her fellow staff, who are beginning to worry that the Joker may be manipulating Quinzel. The Case also states that Quinzel has started referring to the Joker as "Mister J" in her personal journal with hearts drawn around his name, rather than "Patient ARK119805".
  • In the main story of Batman: Arkham Knight, it is revealed that in between the events of Arkham City and the current game, she has become a very competent gang leader, having recovered control of the Joker's former gang (including the members that were plotting to overthrow her or desert her) and has even become one of Gotham's main gang leaders, recruited by the Scarecrow in his plan to kill the Batman. She tries to break free and recruit the victims of the Joker's blood transfusion who were not affected by the cure, all of whom started to display traces of his appearance and behavior, but they all end up dead after she was betrayed by one of the Joker patients that was working with her.
    • Apart from the main game, she is a playable character via downloadable content that was once a pre-order exclusive. This content contains a story-driven mission, featuring her own weapons and abilities; it also includes four challenge maps for the character. In her mission, which takes place shortly before the main story, Harley breaks into the Blüdhaven prison to free Poison Ivy, defeating all police officers and, with Ivy's help, Nightwing.[30] At certain points, her Harleen and Harley personas are heard fighting for control of her body.
    • Harley appears, this time in her classic costume, in the Batgirl: A Matter of Family downloadable content story pack. Set before the events of Arkham Asylum, she serves as one of the two final bosses alongside the Joker, confronting Batgirl and Robin.
  • Harley appears as a playable character in the mobile game Batman: Arkham Underworld, voiced again by Tara Strong. She is unlocked after the player completes a mission for her, after which she will become playable, wielding a special pistol, grenades and a baseball bat, and can bring her pet hyenas into the field with her.

Injustice series

  • Harley Quinn appears as a playable fighter in Injustice: Gods Among Us, voiced by Tara Strong.[31] In the alternate universe depicted in the game, Quinn establishes the Joker Clan to honor the Clown Prince of Crime after he is murdered by Superman. She is part of Batman's Insurgency and is tempted in the story to revert to her older ways when an alternate Joker arrives in her dimension, until Lex Luthor manages to convince her that the Joker is manipulating her for his ends. In her arcade ending, she fatally slits the Joker's throat after a wedding gone wrong.[32]
  • Harley Quinn appears as a playable fighter in Injustice 2, with Tara Strong reprising her role.[33] In the game's story, she is recruited by the Batman into assisting the Green Arrow and the Black Canary (with whom she appears to be very good friends) to defeat the Society. At Slaughter Swamp, she defeats Poison Ivy, the Scarecrow and the Swamp Thing, while overcoming an illusion of the Joker created by the Scarecrow's fear gas. At Gorilla City, she is captured by the Society, but is released by the Batman's sleeper agent on the Society, the Catwoman. The two are sent with Cyborg to free Brother Eye from Brainiac's control, during which she is brainwashed by Poison Ivy's pheromones into battling her teammates and sent into a state of shock before being revived by Cyborg. After the Regime and Insurgency are forced to team up, she catches Wonder Woman trying to kill the Cheetah and stops her, as it is against Batman's orders. She is then critically wounded by Wonder Woman, but saved by Supergirl. In her single player ending, Harley accepts the Batman's offer to join the Justice League, while still acting as her daughter Lucy's aunt.[34]

Infinite Crisis

Harley Quinn appears in Infinite Crisis as a playable character, voiced by Tara Strong.[35]

Scribblenauts Unmasked

Harley Quinn is among the villains summoned by Brainiac to retrieve Starites in Scribblenauts Unmasked.

Suicide Squad: Special Ops

Harley Quinn appears as a playable character in the mobile game, Suicide Squad: Special Ops, based on the film.

Batman: The Enemy Within

Harley Quinn appears in Batman: The Enemy Within (the sequel to Batman: The Telltale Series), voiced by Laura Post. A former psychiatrist at both Blackgate Penitentiary and Arkham Asylum, she leaves and becomes a criminal after suffering a psychotic breakdown caused by her father's suicide. Unlike other iterations, Quinn is not infatuated with "John Doe" and seems to put on the unstable personality to make herself appear unpredictable. She becomes a member of the Pact, hoping to use the LOTUS virus created by SANCTUS to cure her hereditary mental illness. Harley is also one of the few members to accept Bruce Wayne into the Pact and later takes control of the group during the midst of a mole hunt. During the raid at the SANCTUS lab where the virus is kept, she betrays the rest of the Pact and later holds up Gotham Bridge, demanding that Amanda Waller and the Agency hand over the Riddler's blood to synthesize a safe version of the virus. Depending on whether Bruce trusts "John", Quinn is either arrested by the Agency, becoming a member of their supervillain division, or escapes with him, helping him terrorize the city and psychologically torture Bruce. Regardless, she is arrested by the GCPD and sent to Blackgate, after either attempting to kill the Batman or being defeated by former Pact comrade Selina Kyle.

DC Legends

She appears as a playable character in DC Legends.

DC Unchained

Harley Quinn appears as a playable character in DC Unchained.


Harley Quinn has her own novel adaptation from comics as part of the DC Comic Novels series. Mad Love was released in November 2018 and written by Pat Cardigan and original co-creator Paul Dini and published by Titan Books.


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