Fire Force

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Fire Force
Cover of the first volume of the manga featuring Shinra Kusakabe.
(En'en no Shōbōtai)
GenreAdventure,[1] dark fantasy,[2] science fiction[3]
Written byAtsushi Ōkubo
Published byKodansha
English publisher
MagazineWeekly Shōnen Magazine
Original runSeptember 23, 2015 – present
Volumes18 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed byYuki Yase
Written byYamato Haijima
Music byKenichiro Suehiro
StudioDavid Production
Licensed byFunimation
Original networkJNN (MBS, TBS)
English network
Original run July 5, 2019 – present
Episodes24 (List of episodes)
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Fire Force (Japanese: 炎炎ノ消防隊, Hepburn: En'en no Shōbōtai, literally "Blazing Firefighting Corps") is a Japanese shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Atsushi Ōkubo. It is published by Kodansha and has been serialized in the Weekly Shōnen Magazine since September 23, 2015, with the chapters collected into eighteen tankōbon volumes as of August 2019. An anime television series adaptation by David Production premiered on July 5, 2019 on the Super Animeism block.



At an unspecified point in the future, world sea levels have risen and the world is in shambles. The rising sea levels have been carving up continents and causing the disappearance of many countries. Japan is now much smaller with people gathered within the small Tokyo Empire where the Holy Sol Temple and Haijma Industries have developed the Amaterasu, perpetual thermal energy plant. In the year 198 of the Solar Era in Tokyo, special fire brigades called the Fire Force fight increasing incidents of spontaneous human combustion where humans beings are turned into living infernos called "Infernals" (焰ビト, Homura Bito). While the Infernals are first generation cases of spontaneous human combustion, later generations possess pyrokinesis while retaining human form. The Fire Force was formed by combining people with these powers from the Holy Sol Temple, The Tokyo Armed Forces and the Fire Defense Agency, and is composed by eight independent companies.


Shinra Kusakabe is a third generation pyrokinetic youth who gained the nickname "Devil's Footprints" for his ability to ignite his feet at will. He joins the Special Fire Force Company 8, which features other flames users who have the task of both work to extinguish any Infernals they encounter and investigate companies 1 through 7. As a faction that is creating Infernals appears, Shinra begins to find out the cause of a mysterious fire that killed his family 12 years ago.



Fire Force is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Atsushi Ōkubo. It began its serialization in the manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Magazine on September 23, 2015.[3] Its individual chapters have been collected into seventeen tankōbon volumes by Kodansha as of August 2019,[4] the first released on February 17, 2016.[5] In a July 2019 interview, the creator stated that he expected the manga's ending to be "probably Volume 30. It could change. But no more than 50".[6] The series is licensed for English-language release in North America by Kodansha USA, which has published the first volume on November 8, 2016.[7][8]


An anime television series adaptation by studio David Production was announced on November 14, 2018.[9] The series will be directed by Yuki Yase, with Yamato Haijima handling the series' scripts, Hideyuki Morioka designing the characters and Kenichiro Suehiro composing the music.[10] The series premiered on July 5, 2019 on Japan News Network stations MBS and TBS as part of the Super Animeism block.[11][12] It will run for 24 episodes.[13] Funimation has licensed the series for streaming on FunimationNow.[14] The opening theme is "Inferno" (インフェルノ) by Mrs. Green Apple and the ending theme is "veil" by Keina Suda.[15][16] The second opening theme is "MAYDAY feat. Ryo from Crystal Lake" by Coldrain.[17] Due to the Kyoto Animation arson attack on July 18, 2019, Episode 3, which was originally scheduled to air on July 19, 2019, was postponed to July 26, 2019.[18][19]

On July 19, 2019, it was announced that the series would premiere on Adult Swim's Toonami on July 27, 2019.[20]

No. Title Directed by Written by Original airdate English airdate
1"Shinra Kusakabe Enlists"
Transcription: "Shinra Kusakabe, Nyūtai" (Japanese: 森羅 日下部、入隊)
Yuki YaseYamato HaijimaJuly 5, 2019 (2019-07-05)July 27, 2019
Shinra Kusakabe, a youth dubbed "Devil's Footprints" due to his power to ignite his feet at will, joins Special Fire Force Company 8, a specialized fire brigade of pyrokinetics which destroys Infernals, sympathetically described as putting their human souls to rest. Shinra is quickly dispatched on his first mission to save the wife of a factory owner that has become an Infernal. In the midst of the emergency, he recalls accidentally burning down his house and killing his family with his powers as a child, causing him to be feared and neglected, as well as leaving him with the desire to become a hero and save people. Shinra successfully destroys the Infernal and the factory owner thanks Shinra profusely for laying his wife to rest.
2"The Heart of a Fire Soldier"
Transcription: "Shōbōkan no Kokoro" (Japanese: 消防官の心)
Shuntarō TozawaYoriko Tomita
Yamato Haijima
July 12, 2019 (2019-07-12)August 3, 2019
Shinra is told about the upcoming Rookie Fire Soldier Games and how he and the new recruit, Arthur Boyle, will represent Special Fire Force Company 8. Lieutenant Hinawa orders Maki to test their abilities before the games, and she easily defeats them because of their overconfidence as third-generation pyrokinetics. Suddenly, the company receives an emergency call of an Infernal in a detached house in the Iriya District. When they arrive, Arthur and Shinra both draw their weapons in public against the Captain's orders, an act he says can distress the next of kin. The team enter the house and Arthur easily dispatches the Infernal, but it is a trap, and a mysterious character causes the house to burst into flames and collapse. The Captain consoles Mikako, the young girl whose parents have both become Infernals, causing Arthur and Shinra learn more about the responsibilities of being in the Special Fire Force.
3"The Rookie Fire Soldier Games"
Transcription: "Shōbōkan Shinjin Taikai" (Japanese: 消防官新人大会)
Hideya ItōYoriko Tomita
Yamato Haijima
July 26, 2019 (2019-07-26)August 10, 2019
At the Rookie Fire Soldier games, Shinra recognizes Leonard Burns, who denies recalling the fire which destroyed Shinra's home and family twelve years ago. The games involve entering a booby-trapped building and reaching a crewman posing as an Infernal. Shinra uses his ability to fly to the top, where he encounters a mysterious man who promises to reveal information about the fire twelve years ago. He releases ash from a vial which causes a series of mini- explosions to defeat Shinra, then reveals that Shinra's younger brother Sho is still alive, and asks Shinra to join him. When Arthur and Tamaki arrive, the man calls himself Joker, and he makes a last offer for Shinra to join him and learn the truth about the Fire Force. Later, Shinra asks his Captain about the Fire Force, and Akitaru responds that the force could not operate without Hajima. He explains that the different Fire Force companies operate independently and do not share information about human combustion, and Company 8 was formed to investigate companies 1 through 7.
4"The Hero and the Princess"
Transcription: "Hīrō to Hime" (Japanese: ヒーローと姫)
Shuntarō TozawaYamato HaijimaAugust 2, 2019 (2019-08-02)August 17, 2019
At Company 8, an analysis of Joker's exploding ashes reveals that they are Infernal Ashes, made from the remains of dead Infernals. Maki sends Shinra and Arthur to rescue a dog in a tree, and they find that it is one of their mascots, Mamoru, who was "Hoorayed" by local youths. He says that since the fire fighter Setsuo Miyamoto killed four people on a spree, fire fighters have been unpopular with the citizenry. Later that day, after Miyamoto is found not guilty at his court case, he bursts into flames and becomes an Infernal. He goes on a rampage and Company 8 is called into action. Shinra and Arthur rush on ahead and arrive at the courthouse first. They confront Miyamoto and discover that the Infernal is self-aware and scheming, instead of the usual situation of mindlessly running amok. When he escapes, Shinra is sent in pursuit. Meanwhile, Princess Hibana and Company 5 have been observing the events and decide to capture the Infernal for their own purposes. Company 8 arrives, but this results in a tense stand-off over jurisdiction. Hibana promises to share the results of their research of the Infernal, and Captain Obi reluctantly allows Hibana to leave with him, although he mistrusts their motives.
5"The Battle Begins"
Transcription: "Kaisen" (Japanese: 開戦)
Yuuji TokunoYamato HaijimaAugust 9, 2019 (2019-08-09)August 24, 2019
Shinra finds Iris praying in the chapel, but she denies anything is troubling her. During training Captain Obi warns the rookies about the second generation cases who cannot start fires but can control them, which also makes them formidable opponents, especially as he proposes that Company 8 will be using force to get information about Infernals from Princess Hibana and Company 5. Meanwhile Iris visits Princess Hibana to reduce tensions between the companies, but Hibana plans to use her as bait to attract Company 8. Shinra arrives and issues a challenge to rescue Iris, followed shortly by Lieutenant Takehisa, Maki and Arthur. They subdue most of Company 5, but then face Toru Kishiri's highly explosive Backdraft Bubblish Gum. Takehisa hits him with multiple ricocheting bullets, and Takehisa and Maki are confronted by the Angels Three while Arthur faces Conehead accompanied by the captured Infernal, which has been chemically enhanced. Company 8 slowly gains the upper hand while Shinra gains entry and prepares to rescue Iris from Princess Hibana.
6"The Spark of Promise"
Transcription: "Yakusoku no Hibana" (Japanese: 約束の火華)
Kazuomi KogaYamato HaijimaAugust 16, 2019 (2019-08-16)August 31, 2019
Hibana reminds Iris of the time when the nuns and children at heir orphanage were engulfed in flames and Hibana's third-generation powers manifested themselves. Shinra attacks her, but Hibana uses her heat syncope power to lower his blood pressure, incapacitating him. By strength of will alone Shinra stands, but he is still light-headed and no match for Hibana's abilities, and she creates a flaming sakura who's falling petals burn him and then engulf him in flames. However, Shinra still resists and attacks her again, knocking her unconscious. Lying on the floor, Hibana's mind drifts back to her time at the orphanage and how she eventually collaborated with Haijma Industries to become a captain and enable her to pursue her experiments with controlling fire. Hibana regains consciousness, and Shinra offers to protect her but she declines, although she says she will no longer oppose him. She also fulfills her promise to Iris to create flowers from flames and creates an array of colorful irises.
7"The Investigation of the 1st Commences"
Transcription: "Dai Ichi Chōsa Kaishi" (Japanese: 第1調査開始)
Masaru KitamuraYoriko TomitaAugust 23, 2019 (2019-08-23)September 7, 2019
Captain Leonard Burns of Company 1 gathers his Lieutenant priests Huo Yan Li, Hoshimiya Rekka and Flam Karim in Special Fire Grand Cathedral 1, suspecting that Captain Obi is making his move. Meanwhile, following the so-called joint exercise with companies 5 and 8, the company members hold a joint BBQ. Later, Captain Obi confers with Hibana who confirms that someone is creating Infernals around the Shinjuku District which comes under the jurisdiction of Company 1, and they agree to cooperate in investigating them. Obi uses the rookie training reassignment system to embed Shinra and Arthur with Maki Oze and Takeru Noto from Company 2 in Company 1. When they arrive, Shinra asks for a sparring match to which Burns agrees. Firstly, Takeru Noto competes against Rekka, and during the bout, Karim extinguishes stray fireballs with his ability to create ice from sound. Lieutenants Li and Karim withdraw from the contest and Burns takes on Shinra and Arthur himself. Burns easily defeats Arthur and deflects Shinra's strongest attacks, and following their defeat they are placed under the care of Lieutanant Karim.
8"Infernal Insects"
Transcription: "Homura no Mushi" (Japanese: 焰の蟲)
Shuntarō TozawaYoriko TomitaAugust 30, 2019 (2019-08-30)September 14, 2019
Captain Obi examines Hibana's research which indicates some kind of insect has been introduced into a human's core to create Infernals. At Company 1, life seems normal, but then a group of Infernals are detected and the company is mobilized. Shinra and Arthur are ordered to stand aside, however they see someone use an insect to turn a human into an Infernal and they go in pursuit, only to encounter Lieutenant priests Flam Karim and Hoshimiya Rekka in the shadows. Shinra and Arthur search Karim's room and find an insect in a glass vial, but Karim claims that he is also investigating which indicates that Rekka is the culprit. Meanwhile, Rekka gets Tamaki to gather some children, promising to protect them from becoming Infernals. Under the pretext of hugging her, he renders her unconscious and turns the children's carer into an Infernal with an insect then slays her. Tamaki awakens and Rekka says that he is creating Infernals for the Evangelist, searching for the one who will become the "pilot light". He infects a child who bursts into fire, but the boy manages to extinguish the flames himself and Rekka declares that he is compatible. Tamaki tries to flame up and Rekka prepares to beat her to death, but Shinra had seen her flame and bursts in to attack Rekka.
9"The Spreading Malice"
Transcription: "Moehirogaru Akui" (Japanese: 燃え拡がる悪意)
Yuji TokunoYamato HaijimaSeptember 6, 2019 (2019-09-06)September 21, 2019
Shinra saves Tamaki from Lieutenant Rekka, and then engages him in a violent battle. They use all of their pyrokinesis abilities, but fight to a standstill. Shinra uses his extra mobility to attack Rekka again while Tamaki keeps the children away from harm. Shinra almost exhausts the oxygen in his body, but he leaves Rekka heavily damaged. Rekka admits that he has been searching for children in who have latent pyrokinesis abilities, creating many Infernals in the process and arousing Shinra's suspicions about the abduction of his brother. Rekka says he is working for the Evangelist whose mission is to engulf the Earth in flame and turn it into a second sun. Rekka begins to create an inferno with his flaming arms but his flames are shut down by Flam Karim who arrives and seals him in ice. Suddenly, two white-cloaked figures kills Rekka from some distance away to silence him. The assassin then fires at Karim and Huo Yan Li, and Li loses part of his arm protecting Karim. Shinra creates a smokescreen, and with their targets obscured, the cloaked figures retreat. Karim then offers to work with Company 8 to find the mysterious Evangelist. After being suspended by Company 1, Tamaki is transferred to Captain Obi's Company 8.
10"The Promise"
Transcription: "Yakusoku" (Japanese: 約束)
TBATBASeptember 13, 2019 (2019-09-13)TBA
The Company captains are called to the Imperial Throne Room for an emergency conference to discuss the Evangelist, and on the way they pass Amaterasu, the perpetual thermal energy plant. Raffles III, the Tokyo Imperial Emperor, suggests that the Evangelist seeks to possesses the Adolla Burst as displayed by Shinra in his battle with Rekka. Company 3's Captain, Dr. Giovanni, suggests that the Evangelist will be coming for Shinra and he should be protected. Later, Shinra visits Amaterasu and encounters the Joker who reveals that Shinra's younger brother, Sho Kusakabe, is working for the Evangelist as leader of the Knights of the Ashen Flame. Over dinner, Shinra shares this information with Company 8. Meanwhile, Sho prepares to carry out the Evangelist’s orders.
11"Formation of Special Fire Force Company 8"
Transcription: "Dai Hachi Tokushu Shōbōtai Kessei" (Japanese: 第8特殊消防隊結成)


As of January, 2018, the manga had 1.8 million copies in print.[21]


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