Dr- Stone

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Dr. Stone
Cover of the first volume of Dr. Stone, as published in Japan by Shueisha, depicting Senku Ishigami.
(Dokutā Sutōn)
GenreAdventure,[1] post-apocalyptic[2]
Written byRiichiro Inagaki
Illustrated byBoichi
Published byShueisha
English publisher
ImprintJump Comics
MagazineWeekly Shōnen Jump
English magazine
Original runMarch 6, 2017 – present
Volumes12 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed byShinya Iino
Written byYuichiro Kido
Music byTatsuya Kato
Hiroaki Tsutsumi
Yuki Kanesaka
Licensed byCrunchyroll
Original networkTokyo MX, KBS, SUN, BS11, TVh, TBC, TVA, TVQ
English network
Original run July 5, 2019 – present
Episodes24 (List of episodes)
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Dr. Stone (Japanese: ドクターストーン, Hepburn: Dokutā Sutōn) is a Japanese manga series written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi, serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump since March 6, 2017 with the individual chapters collected and published by Shueisha into ten tankōbon volumes as of April 2019. Viz Media licensed the manga in North America. Shueisha began to simulpublish the series in English on the website and app Manga Plus since January 2019. An anime television series adaptation by TMS Entertainment premiered on July 5, 2019.


Typical student Taiju Oki tells his science-loving friend Senku Ishigami that he will confess his feelings to their classmate Yuzuriha Ogawa, but his attempt to make his confession to Yuzuriha under a camphor tree on the school grounds is interrupted when a bright light appears in the sky. Taiju pushes Yuzuriha to the tree to protect her as the light petrifies them and the human population. After 3700 years spent trapped in stone, each willing themselves to remain conscious, Senku and Taiju are somehow revived from their petrified state six months apart in what they call the Stone World. Senku intends to rebuild their civilization with Taiju's help as they develop nital to mix with the miracle fluid that revived them, intending to use it on Yuzuriha. But a lion attack forces them revive Tsukasa Shishio instead, before doing the same with Yuzuriha. But a conflict of ideals leads to Senku's group forming a Kingdom of Science in Ishigami Village to restore civilization and uncover the mystery of their petrification while Tsukasa establishes a Empire of Might to create a new world where only pure-hearted youths are revived.[3]


Main characters

Senku Ishigami[4][5] (石神 千空, Ishigami Senku) / Senkuu Ishigami (石神 千空, Ishigami Senkuu)
Voiced by: Yūsuke Kobayashi (Japanese); Aaron Dismuke, Mikaela Krantz (child) (English)[4][5]
Senku is highly intelligent and excels in multiple fields of science, with a special love of astronomy and space exploration. After awakening in the "Stone World", he sets about trying to revive humanity by reinventing their lost technology and discovering a "cure" for the petrification. Though somewhat arrogant, he is actually very noble and kind-hearted, seeing science as a means to elevate all people and having unshakable faith in his friends. When Senku's party made it to Ishigami Village, he partook in the Ishigami Village games and won the final round by default when Chrome was unable to make it to the ring. Senku has an allergy to lacquer.
Taiju Oki (大木 大樹, Oki Taiju)
Voiced by: Makoto Furukawa (Japanese); Ricco Fajardo, Emily Fajardo (child) (English)[6][5]
Senku's best friend, whom Senku refers to as a "big oaf" or "musclehead". He has incredible strength and seemingly limitless stamina, but is a pacifist who's never thrown a punch in his life. He is in love with Yuzuriha and will do anything to take care of her, especially when she’s in danger.
Yuzuriha Ogawa (小川 杠, Ogawa Yuzuriha)
Voiced by: Kana Ichinose (Japanese); Brittany Lauda (English)[6][5]
Taiju's love interest, a cheerful and kindhearted young woman. She enrolled in her high school's handicraft's club to pursue her goal of becoming a fashion designer, and is exceptionally talented at arts like stitching and clothwork. During the Vs. Tsukasa arc, Yuzuriha is taken captive by Tsukasa. Senku has her and Taiju join the Empire of Might as part of his plan. During the Age of Exploration arc, Yuzuriha starts a clothing store.
Tsukasa Shishio (獅子王 司, Shishiō Tsukasa)
Voiced by: Yuichi Nakamura (Japanese); Ian Sinclair (English)[6][5]
A barefoot youth who rose to fame in mixed martial arts as "The Strongest Primate High Schooler", being physically powerful enough to kill a male lion with one punch. After being reawakened by Senku, Tsukasa saved them from the lions where he later skinned the male lion to add to his attire and later helped with hunting wild animals for food. He resents adults due to his experience with one who prevented him from gathering seashells for his sister before she died, viewing the current adults as an avaricious corruption while seeking to create a new society in the "Stone World" by only reviving young people. Tsukasa serves as the primary antagonist of the manga's early story arcs where he caused the apparent death of Senku. During the Vs. Hyoga arc, Tsukasa learns from Hyoga that Senku is still alive. During the Communications arc, Tsukasa is betrayed by Hyoga causing him to team up with Senku. After Hyoga is defeated, Tsukasa was critically injured as a result of the fight causing him to be put into cryosleep.
Gen Asagiri (あさぎり ゲン, Asagiri Gen)
Voiced by: Kengo Kawanishi[7] (Japanese); Brandon McInnis (English)[8]
Another person from the "old world", Gen is a silver-tongued self-help guru who styles himself as a mentalist. He was revived by Tsukasa who wanted an ally capable of following Senku's train of thought. Gen ends up defecting to the Kingdom of Science after witnessing Senku's accomplishments.
Hyoga (氷月)
Hyoga is a tall and fairly-built man who is strong enough to take on 10 attackers. He is revived by Tsukasa during the Vs. Hyoga arc. He and some Empire of Might fighters took on the Ishigami Village's finest until it was discovered that Gen rigged their weapons. During the Communications arc, he betrays Tsukasa causing an unlikely team-up between Senku and Tsuka to defeat him.
Ryusui Nanami (七海 龍水)
The son of Nanami Conglomerate's owner who was revived by Senku in the Age of Exploration arc. As an expert sailor, he was made the Captain of the Perseus.

Ishigami Village inhabitants

The inhabitants of Ishigami Village are descended from the surviving astronauts of the International Space Station that were off world at the time when the petrification light caused all humans to be petrified. It became the headquarters of the Kingdom of Science. A village chief is chosen from whoever makes to the final part of the Ishigami Village games and wins. When a person becomes the village chief, that person is entitled to a lot of resources from Ishigami Village. The following are the inhabitants of Ishigami Village:

Chrome (クロム, Kuromu)
Voiced by: Gen Sato (Japanese); Matt Shipman (English)[9][10]
A young man from Ishigami Village who stumbled upon the basics of science while initially believing his discoveries were sorcery where he becomes the village's self-proclaimed sorcerer. After learning about the scientific wonders of the old world, he becomes Senku's partner and together the two work to rediscover humanity's scientific legacy.
Kohaku (コハク)
Voiced by: Manami Numakura (Japanese); Felecia Angelle (English)[9][11]
The strongest warrior of Ishigami Village, a tomboyish young woman who is exceptionally strong, agile, and sharp-eyed. She is the first villager Senku meets after awakening in the "Stone World" and becomes one of his staunchest allies as part of the Kingdom of Science's Power Team.
Kinro (金狼, Kinrō)
Voiced by: Tomoaki Maeno (Japanese); Josh Grelle (English)[9][12]
One of Ishigami Village's guardsmen, a stern young man with a strong commitment to following the rules. He becomes part of the Power Team.
Ginro (銀狼, Ginrō)
Voiced by: Ayumu Murase (Japanese); Justin Briner (English)[9][13]
Kinro's younger brother and fellow guardsman, a frivolous young man with a tendency to panic and an overriding sense of self-interest. He becomes part of the Power Team.
Suika (スイカ)
Voiced by: Karin Takahashi[7] (Japanese); Sarah Wiedenheft (English)[14]
A young girl from Ishigami Village who wears a melon on her head to cover up her "blurry eye disease". She ends up gravitating to Senku, the first person not to judge her for her eccentricities, and always does her best to be helpful.
Ruri (ルリ)
Voiced by: Reina Ueda (Japanese); Kristen McGuire (English)[7][15]
Kohaku's older sister and Ishigami Village's high priestess, tasked with preserving the 100 Tales for posterity. She suffers from a debilitating illness that will likely kill her before adulthood, and finding a cure becomes the first goal of Senku's "Kingdom of Science."
Kaseki (カセキ)
Voiced by: Mugihito[7] (Japanese); Kenny Green (English)[14]
An old but ripped artisan from Ishigami Village, he becomes a staunch ally and eventually a close friend of Senku and Chrome's because their quest for science resonates with his passion for crafting. While having designed and built much of Ishigami Village, Kaseki used his artisan abilities to create Kohaku's shield and items from Senku's diagrams with little practice like engines and vacuum tubes.
Turquoise (ターコイズ)
Voiced by: Yō Taichi (Japanese); Mallorie Rodak (English)[14]
An inhabitant of Ishigami Village.
Magma (マグマ)
Voiced by: Yasuhiro Mamiya (Japanese); J. Michael Tatum (English)[14]
An inhabitant of Ishigami Village who is the strongest of it's inhabitants and helps to defend it from attacks. He takes a liking to Taiju due to his unlimited stamina as seen when Magma watched him tend to the fields where he didn't tire out. At one point, Magma mistook Gen as a sorcerer.
Soyuz (ソユーズ)
An inhabitant of Ishigami Village with great memory and a member of the Power Team.
Jasper (ジャスパー)
Voiced by: Ryota Takeuchi (Japanese); Patric Carroll (English)[14]
An inhabitant of Ishigami Village who is a stickler for rules. During the Village Games arc, Jasper served as a match judge.
Namari (ナマリ)
A short inhabitant of Ishigami Village who is a residential artist.



Written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi, Dr. Stone was launched in the 14th issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump on March 6, 2017.[16] It was one from a number of story proposals Inagaki brought to his editor, who chose it because he had no idea how it would develop. Boichi, who was looking for a story to work on, was approached around the time Inagaki (a fan of his art) finished the storyboards for chapter 3.[17]

At their panel at Anime Boston, Viz Media announced their license of the manga, and the first volume was published in September 2018.[18][19] Shueisha began to simulpublish the series in English on the website and app Manga Plus in January 2019.[20]


An anime television series adaptation was announced in the 51st issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump on November 19, 2018.[4][21] The series was animated by TMS Entertainment, with Shinya Iino as director, Yuichiro Kido as scriptwriter, and Yuko Iwasa as character designer. Tatsuya Kato, Hiroaki Tsutsumi, and Yuki Kanesaka compose the series' music.[22] The series began airing on July 5, 2019 on Tokyo MX and other channels.[6][23] It will run for 24 episodes.[24] The opening theme is "Good Morning World!" by Burnout Syndromes, while the series' ending theme is "Life" by Rude-α.[25] The second opening theme is "Sangenshoku" by Pelican Fanclub, while the series' second ending theme is "Yume No Youna" by Saeki YouthK.[26] The series is streamed by Crunchyroll worldwide outside of Asia,[27] and Funimation is currently airing a simuldub.[28]

It was announced that the English dub of the anime would begin airing on Adult Swim's Toonami block on August 24, 2019.[29]

No. Title Original airdate[30] English airdate[31]
1"Stone World"
July 5, 2019 (2019-07-05)August 24, 2019
After five years of infatuation, Taiju Oki is about to confess to his love to fellow student Yuzuriha Ogawa. Suddenly a green light turns every human on the planet into stone and 3,700 years later, nature has taken over. Taiju manages to break free from his imprisonment. After finding the tree that Yuzuriha's petrified state is in, he soon meets up with his genius friend Senku Ishigami, who had awoken six months earlier. As the only two humans freed from stone, Senku seeks to rebuild civilization in this "stone world" using his knowledge of science and Taiju's brawn to help him develop a nital solution out of a miracle water made from bat guano that could possibly free people from their petrified state. After a year of development, the two friends manage to create a successful blend of "revival fluid".
2"King of the Stone World"
July 12, 2019 (2019-07-12)August 31, 2019
Senku and Taiju prepare enough revival fluid to free one person from stone, with Taiju choosing Yuzuriha to be first subject. However, they are suddenly chased by hungry lions, leading them to instead revive the strongest fighter in their school, Tsukasa Shishio, to fight them off. Tsukasa killed the male lion and skins it to add to his attire. As Tsukasa proves to be a valuable hunter, providing food for the trio, Senku assigns Taiju with harvesting seashells and grind them into calcium carbonate as a first step towards advancing civilization. However, Tsukasa reveals to Senku his intention to murder petrified humans in order to create a world free of corrupt adults, clashing with Senku's ideals of reviving everyone.
3"Weapons of Science"
Transcription: "Kagaku no Buki" (Japanese: 科学の武器)
July 19, 2019 (2019-07-19)September 7, 2019
Aware of Tsukasa's murderous intent, Senku sends him away to the source of the revival fluid while he and Taiju make a batch of revival fluid to finally revive Yuzuriha. Needing weapons of science to stop Tsukasa's murder spree, Senku and the others begin travelling towards Hakone, with Yuzuriha managing to find the Great Buddha of Kamakura to serve as a landmark. The trio eventually arrive at a volcanic hot spring, giving Senku the means to create gunpowder.
4"Fire the Smoke Signal"
Transcription: "Noroshi o Agero" (Japanese: 狼煙をあげろ)
July 26, 2019 (2019-07-26)September 14, 2019
After Senku creates a successful batch of gunpowder, which Taiju accidentally sets alight, the group spot a different source of smoke in the distance, suggesting that there are other survivors. Senku makes the decision to light the gunpowder further to use as a smoke signal, leading Tsukasa to find him and use Yuzuriha as a hostage to obtain the recipe for the revival fluid. As Senku relinquishes the recipe to save Yuzuriha and is given the choice of either abandoning science or dying, he recalls how he developed his love of science and became friends with Taiju. Refusing to abandon science, Senku prepares to die at Tsukasa's hands.
5"Stone World The Beginning"
August 2, 2019 (2019-08-02)September 21, 2019
With Senku seemingly killed after Tsukasa delivers a fatal blow to his neck, Taiju and Yuzuriha use his gunpowder to set off an explosion around Tsukasa, allowing them to escape. Realizing that Senku wouldn't simply sacrifice himself, Taiju and Yuzuriha discover some petrification on his neck, giving them the opportunity to heal the injury by using the revival fluid. Meanwhile, a flashback shows how Senku first emerged from his petrification and developed the tools needed to survive.
6"Two Nations of the Stone World"
Transcription: "Ishi no Sekai no Futatsu no Kuni" (Japanese: 石の世界の二つの国)
August 9, 2019 (2019-08-09)TBA
The flashback continues, showing how Senku found Taiju and began work on unpetrifying him. Back in the present, Senku successfully revives thanks to the revival fluid, leading him to become more curious about the fluid's regenerative properties. To this end, Senku sends Taiju and Yuzuriha to infiltrate Tsukasa's army as spies while he searches for new allies. Meanwhile, a mysterious girl named Kohaku attempts to attack Tsukasa, who traps her under a tree before heading towards the miracle water cave. Discovering Kohaku after Tsukasa has left, Senku manages to use his science know-how to create a block and tackle to lift the tree off of Kohaku.
7"Where Two Million Years Have Gone"
Transcription: "Ni-hyaku-man-nen no Arika" (Japanese: 200万年の在処)
August 16, 2019 (2019-08-16)TBA
Kohaku takes Senku back to her village, where he meets guards Kinro and Ginro and a sorcerer named Chrome. Although Chrome's attempts at sorcery fail to prove himself superior, Senku becomes impressed with how far Chrome has come on his own and makes him his apprentice. Learning that Chrome became a sorcerer to help Kohaku's sickly sister, Ruri, Senku tells him about the world that existed 3,700 years ago and decides to help him develop an antibiotic to save Ruri.
8"Stone Road"
August 23, 2019 (2019-08-23)TBA
As Senku, Kohaku, and Chrome begin searching for the elements needed to create an antibiotic, they are aided by another villager named Suika. Needing more manpower to turn iron sand into iron, the gang send Suika to gain intel on what the villagers want. Finding food to be a common theme of the villager's wants, Senku manages to use foxtail millet to recreate ramen to win them over.
9"Let There Be the Light of Science"
Transcription: "Kono Te ni Kagaku no Akari o" (Japanese: この手に科学の灯を)
August 30, 2019 (2019-08-30)TBA
During their ramen patronage, the gang are approached by Gen Asagiri, a magician from Senku's time, who had been sent by Tsukasa to confirm Senku's death but claims he will give a false report instead. Using the successfully completed iron, Senku takes advantage of a sudden thunderstorm to turn it into powerful magnets. While Gen uses his street magic to ward off a violent villager named Magma, the gang use the magnets to build a power generator which they manage to convince Kinro and Ginro to operate, leading to the reinvention of the lightbulb.
10"A Flimsy Alliance"
Transcription: "Usuppera no Dōmei" (Japanese: 薄っぺらの同盟)
September 6, 2019 (2019-09-06)TBA
While recalling the time he was first revived by Tsukasa, Gen is suddenly attacked by a mysterious assailant, barely managing to survive thanks to fake blood bags he had protected himself with. Learning that the culprit was Magma, who believed that Gen was a sorcerer instead of Senku, Kohaku reveals that Magma did so in order to win the Grand Bout, a tournament Kohaku has previously beaten him in to keep him from marrying Ruri and becoming village elder. As Kohaku, Kinro, and Ginro train for the Grand Bout, Gen gives a false report to Tsukasa after Senku promises to make him a bottle of cola.
11"Clear World"
September 13, 2019 (2019-09-13)TBA
Senku uses quartz sand to produce glass, which he uses to create glasses for the short-sighted Suika. Lacking the skills needed to blow useable lab utensils, Chrome brings in a skilled craftsman named Kaseki, who is able to quickly adapt to the unfamiliar substance. To break in their new lab, Senku proposes a life-risking journey to produce Ginro a silver spear.
12"Buddies Back to Back"
September 20, 2019 (2019-09-20)TBA


In 2019, Dr. Stone won the 64th Shogakukan Manga Award for the shōnen category.[32]


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