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Opening to "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" 1993 Deluxe Letterbox Edition USA VHS - YouTube

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In honor of the new remake, I cobbled together a trailer reel for a home video release that never existed.

Widescreen home video releases were more common on LaserDisc than VHS. A letterbox LD was released in Fall 1993, which explains the decision to make it a 1993 release as opposed to 1992.

1. Green FBI Warnings
2. "The Nightmare Before Christmas" trailer
3. "The Lion King" Teaser
4. Now on Video bumper (Visuals from 1994)
5. "Aladdin" Trailer
6. "Pinocchio" Trailer
7. Feature Presentation bumper
8. 1992 Disney Classics logo (muffled)
9. Letterbox disclaimer
10. 1990 Walt Disney Pictures logo


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